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The company's philosophy dictates Fast Turnaround, Accurate planning, Time bound schedules followed up by routine follow-up. This caring attitude sets Maksur Analytical as a leader in this specialized field of Corrosion monitoring and Asset management.

'Maksur Analytical Systems' takes pride in their efficiency that provides a prompt and effective after sales service support' to their clients. This company believes that the 'After sales Service Support' is a way that generates more business automatically. It creates a solid bonding between the company and its clients.

As regards Corrosion monitoring and Asset management area; Maksur Analytical has in-house expertise in Design, Engineering, Installation, Commissioning, Surveying, Retrieval & Re-insertion (of probe Coupons and injection Tubes), Evaluation of Corrosion data, Interpretation of Corrosion Data and finally report presentation to the client. Our services keep the client personnel, assets and the environment safe from dangers of Corrosion.
Hot Tapping Services
"Maksur Analytical System" also provides critical services of ON-LINE HOT TAPPING for the installation of Corrosion Monitoring probes / coupons through 2" Access Fittings. These services are of critical nature and require high degree of skill sets and experience. To execute the on-Line

Hot-Tapping services, the company has,
• A team of experienced Welders with proven track record having approved PQR & WPS with many of the oil & gas companies
• Tested and certified welding tools & electrode ovens
• Team of technicians / engineers with solid field experience and knowledge of the system protocols
• Certified Level -III welding Inspectors
• Certified NDT inspectors with calibrated NDT equipment's
• And Finally team of experienced engineers carrying out Hot tapping and Installation of probe and Coupons

The company has their own logistic means. We have our own vehicles to carry all the tools and manpower to site to carry out these services at any location in India. Company has invested heavily on the infra-structure development required to carry out these Hot-Tapping services. We have got all the necessary certifications and trainings acquired to carry out these services. Today our opinion is taken as ‘Expert's Advice’ by the industry in these field.
The company has thus indigenously developed in-house skill-sets with all test facility / test benches for offering training to their engineers / technicians. The engineer undergoes vigorous training schedule on a test bench at our works before being put on field service job.
Today the company has made the skill set available to Indian market which were then earlier obtained from abroad.
Implementation of Internal Corrosion Monitoring systems
In case you are planning to implement Internal corrosion system on your pipeline, you may please contact us with a reply to the below questionnaire. It is necessary to know the below details to offer a right solution to your corrosion problem.

• What kind of corrosion you are facing ?
• At what location the corrosion is taking place?
• What could be the probable reason of corrosion?
What is the MOC of the Pipeline, Diameter & Thickness of Pipeline, Flow Rate, Temperature & Pressure inside the pipeline, chemical composition of the fluid and type of product flowing through it...etc.
You may also define your requirement with following details

Are you looking out for On-Line measurement OR Spot Readings OR off-line data Logging....etc Based on your reply, a proper Corrosion monitoring system can be proposed and implemented.
On-Line Retrieval of Probe & Coupons
Company takes-up the turnkey contracts & AMCs for the Installation and commissioning of Corrosion probes, Corrosion coupons and Injection systems. ‘Maksur Analytical Systems’ has team of qualified & experienced engineers / technicians, who carry out the field services of 'On-Line retrieval and Re-Insertion of corrosion probes / coupons'.
The company has, their own sets of specialized and sophisticated sets of COSASCO tools, which are used for carrying out these services.
The old probes & coupons are retrieved from the pipeline while the pipeline is still running (without any shut-off) and the new probes & coupons are re-installed again at the same time ON-LINE. The corrosion data from the probe is interpreted from the logged data, whereas the corrosion coupons are collected and analysed at approved lab for corrosion rate measurements.
'Repair & Hydro-Testing' of Retriever Tools & Service Valves

"Maksur Analytical systems" have developed their in-house expertise in servicing of Retriever tools and service valves. We provide repair and hydro-testing services for the retriever tools and service valves owned by our client. Please contact us for these services with your retriever tool details.

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