Our Products
  Corrosion Monitoring Systems ( from Rohrback Cosasco Systems Inc. USA )
  ER Probe & Coupons
Corrosion Coupons Corrosometer Probe Model 4700/4700-ADJ
Corrosion Probes Model 4500 Corrosometer Probe
Model 3500/3500HT Corrosometer Probe  
  Microcor Probe
  Cooling Water Treatment System
Corrater® Probe Model 7012/7022 Portable Corrater® Instrument Model 9000 Plus
Corrater® Probe Model 8012/8022 Corrater® Instrument Model 9030 Plus
Corrater® Probe High Pressure Two-Electrode Model 6080 Portable Corrater Instrument Model AquaMate
Corrater® Probe Model 6112 Corrosion Rack with Probe & Coupons
Corrater® Probe Model 7212/7222 Deposit and Corrosion Monitor
  Chemical Injection Quill
Injection Systems
Model 6330 COSASCO Retractable System Injection/Sampling Tube Assemblies
Model 63 COSASCO Two-Inch System Injection and Sampling Assemblies
  Model ECM™ Environmental Condition Monitor
  Rebar Corrosion System
  Model 850 CORRATER LPR Soil Corrosion Rate Monitor
  Special Products
  Corrosion Testing Equipments ( From Cortest Inc. USA )
HPHT Autoclaves
Slow Strain Rate Test / Constant Extension Rate Test system (SSRT / CERT)
DCPD / Direct Current Potential Drop measurement system
  Paleomagnetic Systems ( From AGICO SRL, Czech Republic )
Duel speed Spinner Magnetometer: Model JR6: From AGICO SRL, Czech Republic
Magnetic Susceptibility measurement systems From AGICO SRL, Czech Republic
AF demagnetizer: Model LDA: From AGICO SRL, Czech Republic
Thermal Demagnetizer: Model MMTD80: From Magnetic Measurements Ltd. UK
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