ER Probe and Coupons
Corrosion Coupons  
This is most primitive but yet most widely used technique. We supply all types of Corrosion coupons like Strip coupons, Disc coupons, Multi-Disc-Coupon, stress coupons, Scale coupons.etc, These coupons are available in all metallurgies, specially in carbon steel like API 5L Grade X42, X46 , X 52, X56, X 60, X70 and X80 as well. We provide these coupons with sand surface finish, with a serial number stamped on it for easy identifications. Types of insulating washers are supplied to avoid the galvanic contact with the holder. The buyer is always advised to check the MTC (Material Test Certificate)
The transmitters are then connected to DCS system for On-Line measurement.
Corrosion Probes
For Internal corrosion monitoring system, we supply complete corrosion probe assembly that can be installed on pipeline . Tubular as well as Flush type of probes are employed as per the pipeline services (Non-piggable or piggable). We supply COSASCO brand of access fittings like flareweld or Flanged access fittings. The corrosion probes ( ER, LPR and Microcor) are then connected to either to corrosion transmitters, or Data loggers or to simple hand-held meters for measurement of corrosion readings.The transmitters are then connected to DCS system for On-Line measurement.
Model 3500/3500HT Corrosometer Probe  
• Mounting — 1" Full Port Valve Minimum
• Temp. Rating for Model 3500 — +500° F/+260° C
• Temp. Rating for Model 3500HT — +850° F/+454° C
• Pressure Rating for Model 3500 — 1500 PSI/10.3 MPa
• Pressure Rating for Model 3500HT — 1000 PSI/6.9 MPa
• Element Seal Material — All Welded
• Fill Material — Ceramic
• Probe Body Material — Same as Element
Model 4700/4700-ADJ Corrosometer Probe  
Mounting-COSASCO 2" System
Temp. Rating-500° F/260° C
Pressure Rating-3600 PSI/24.8 MPa (Model 4700-ADJ) 6000 PSI/42.3 MPa (Model 4700)
Element Seal Material - Glass
Fill Material - Epoxy
Probe Body Material - 316L S.S.
Model 4500 Corrosometer Probe  
• Mounting - COSASCO® 2" System
• Temp. Rating - +500°F/+260°C
• Pressure Rating :
• 6000 PSI/41.3 MPa (“S” Type Connector)
• 3600 PSI/24.8 MPa (“C” Type Connector)
• Element Seal Material - All Welded
• Fill Material -Ceramic
• Probe Body Material - Same as Element

High Pressure Cylindrical

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