Corrosion Rack with Probe & Coupons
Normally this is required to understand the effectiveness of chemical injected in water lines in Cooling water or Heat exchanger lines . The corrosion rack is a s type of tubing (either PVC or SS316) connected to a cooling water by-pass line. The Corrosion rack is having 4 standards mounting ports two for Corrosion Coupons + two for Corrosion probes. The user can install the probes and coupons on the corrosion rack to measure on-line corrosion rate.
Deposit & Corrosion Monitor
This is a advanced system which is mainly used to evaluate / measure the corrosion in Heat-Exchanger tubes. The system simulates the heat exchanger conditions . It has a small heating tube furnace . The probes are mounted before and after the tube furnace. the corrosion rate is measured with respect the heat flux through the tube. The tailor -made software measures the corrosion rate with respect to change in heat flux which provides correct ides about the formation of Scales / deposits.

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